Thursday, August 10, 2006

Enter the Matrix.

If you were told that you lived in an illusion, and was given the opportunity to learn the truth - would you do it? Or would you prefer to live the illusion, as ignorance can be bliss?

It all comes down to something that has been debated by philosophers a long time: is there a definite reality, the same for everyone, or is what we experience (or believe we experience) the truth?


bruno said...

riktigt riktigt snyggt. gillar den färgen skarpt, du har fina bilder här tycker jag :)

comoox said...

I prefer ignorance - "ignorance is bliss" as they say. But at a preference if the programmer could make me invisible then that would be pretty cool please.

Otto said...

What is that?

Linus Bohman said...

Bruno: Tack så mycket. Betyder mycket är man får höra det från en så duktig fotograf som du är. Gillar dina bilder också. Tack för att du kikade förbi!

Comoox: Since you won't be able to know that there is a programmer at all, I'll talk with him/her on your behalf. Let me know if it works.

Otto: It is the back of a piece of cloth hanging on a fence in a tennis court, with the evening sun shining through it. It is there to stop balls from flying too far.

Otto said...