Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pasttime activities.

My first experiment with night photography.

"If I was a ghost, would I see things differently?"

It should go without saying, but every person perceives the world differently. It can be disastrous to believe that you "know", without asking, what another person is thinking - be it about you or something else. I believe one should be careful about giving others characteristics. While one is not born a blank piece of paper to be filled in by the environment; one is a blank sheet of paper to the environment. That is, anyone can be anyone regardless of his or hers appearance or earlier actions.

No photoshopping in the above picture except cropping and level-work.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


As a Swede, I didn't know much about basketball when I was a kid. It's rarely played here. I wish I had, though. It is one of the most fun and intense sports I have ever tried. Big thanks to my best friend Johannes, seen above, for introducing me and getting me hooked. You da man.

Linus is me.

Once upon a time, in a city of tradition
there was a wondering young.
With many thoughts, he made it his mission:
to categorize the thinking, if memory would dose.
(At least until the bells had rung;
he finished his education; and received his rose.)

This is me. My name is Linus. I'm a young Swedish university student trying to get a grip on the world. Pictures, rhymes and poems help with that. Let's see where it all leads. I'll be glad to have you with me.