Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Linus is me.

Once upon a time, in a city of tradition
there was a wondering young.
With many thoughts, he made it his mission:
to categorize the thinking, if memory would dose.
(At least until the bells had rung;
he finished his education; and received his rose.)

This is me. My name is Linus. I'm a young Swedish university student trying to get a grip on the world. Pictures, rhymes and poems help with that. Let's see where it all leads. I'll be glad to have you with me.


Ne2 said...

I hope it works. good luck. love your pictures.

Linus Bohman said...

Thanks ne2! It really means a lot to hear it. I'm sure it'll go fine in the future.

lauren said...

i was just on the jpg site and saw your profile. your photo ,magic, i beleive it was, is brillant. its a perfect photo for breakthrough. best of luck