Thursday, August 31, 2006


Art is difficult to comprehend. It is even difficult to know what it is. A question I've come in contact with recently is "What works are considered art?". I'm not sure of the question myself, but believe something can be called art (instead of artsy, which is essentially what I would consider my best pictures) when enough people think of it as such. It is an eternal question, but what do you think? When does a piece of work reach a new (higher?) level and become "art"?


RichardAM said...

Modern art (both avante-garde and sculpture) was what I was studying last month, and while it's argued that those pieces propel the art world forward, they also leave you wondering if they are art, and even deeper, what art is itself.

It's hard to define art. Put simply, is something only considered art because it's on display in a museum? And then, if so, who decides that this piece should be included and on what grounds?

It's a whole world of questions really.

Linus Bohman said...

Indeed. After reading your post it almost feels even more incomprehensible ;-)

What is certain though, as you effectively prove, is that it is a highly subjective thing.