Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Insert bike here.

Since I moved to Lund two years ago, I've had three bicycles stolen from me. A friend's friend put up this theory: if you've had a bike stolen, you've contributed one to the "system", and that makes you entitled to "remove" one from the system as well. Sometimes I want it to be like that - it would certainly make it easier on my financial situation.


Blogging for scraps... said...

Did you hear about the experiment they did in, i think it was oxford, where they bought about 1000 bikes to leave around the city for people to use. Within about one month all had vanished. Probably into the bottom of canals. What is it with people?

Linus Bohman said...

They did that? It is just too sad that people ruin such a great idea... had it worked out, it could have been awesome and made it easier on a lot of people. Not to mention the environment and so forth.

I have to agree, scraps: people can be a bit ignorant sometimes. Have you heard a song called "People equals shit"? One shouldn't take it all too serious, but it has a point I guess. My girlfriend has it as her theme song on bad days ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lund's a bitch when it comes to bike stealing!

In Copenhagen you used to be able to rent bikes for like 20 dkk, but it probably wouldn't work in Lund, people would just keep the bikes... But as the Oxford thing, it's such a great idea!

Linus Bohman said...

It really sounds like an excellent idea! Can't you rent bikes in Copnehagen anymore? Why not? Seems sad to get rid of such an amazing service.